Heritage Book of Forsyth County 1832-2011

Heritage Book


The long-awaited reprint is now available!

This book contains loads of Family and Local History stories.

This very interesting book makes a great present for birthdays or Christmas.

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Forsyth County, Georgia, Cemeteries Book

John Salter, historian and genealogist, recently published his latest book entitled Forsyth County, Georgia, Cemeteries. This book contains more than 23,000 inscription from more than 90 cemeteries in Forsyth County, Georgia. It contains 663 pages including 114 pages of “everyname” index.

The price of the book which includes packaging, shipping and taxes are Standard – $60.00 and Libraries & non-profit organizations – $50.00.

Books are available for purchase at the Historical Society’s Headquarters.

For more information, visit http://www.gaancestors.com

20th Century Changes – Annette Bramblett ….. $22.00

Forsyth County – History Stories – Annette Bramblett ….. $22.00

Stroll Around The Square – Gladyse K. Barrett ….. $15.00

Daring to Die that Freedom Might Live – Gladyse K. Barrett ….. $15.00

First Era of Change and Development: Forsyth County, Georgia 1935-1975 – Annette Bramblett & George Ingram ….. $35.00

Forsyth County, Georgia, Cemeteries – John Salter ….. $60.00

Historic Churches 1998 Calendar – HSCFC ….. $5.00

We have just received a consignments of books authored by Ted O. Brooke, well known author of many local genealogy resources. All books benefit both the author and the Historical Society. Come by and see these new additions!
Please call for shipping charges!

Forsyth County, Georgia, Marriage Records 1833-1933 – 392 pages – $35.00 
Cumming Historic Cemetery – 59 pages – $6.00 
Fulton County, Georgia Marriage Records 1854-1902 (White) – 752 pages – $38.00 
Fulton County, Georgia Marriage Records 1866-1902 (“Colored”) 570 pages – $32.00 
SAVE!!! SPECIAL Both Fulton County Marriage Books for only $55.0
Lumpkin County, Georgia Cemeteries – 526 pages – $35.00
Madison County, Georgia, Marriage Records 1812-1909 – 231 pages – $30.00
Milton County, Georgia, Marriage Records 1865-1931 – 214 pages – $28.00
Pickens County, Georgia, Cemeteries – 654 pages – $35.00
Towns County, Georgia, Cemeteries – 263 pages – $35.00 
Cemetery Records of Tucker, Georgia and Environs – 234 pages – $25.00
Wilkes County, Georgia, Will Index 1777-1921 – 31 pages – $8.00
Coweta County, Georgia Newspaper Marriage & Death Notices 1835-1887 – 533 pages – $40.00
Georgia Will Directory 1733-1860 – 412 pages – $35.00
Georgia Will Directory 1861-1900 – 529 pages – $35.00
SPECIAL!!! Both Georgia Will Directories for only $60.00 
Georgia Stray Wills 1733-1900 – 548 pages – $35.00
Into the Gray Vale: Registers of the Georgia Confederate Soldiers’ Home Atlanta, Georgia, 190l-1941 – 592 pages – 35.00
Index to Georgia’s Confederate Pension Supplements – 224 pages – $30.00
Clarke County, Georgia, Marriage Records 1803-1909 – 478 pages – $40.00

A Feast of Tabernacles: Georgia Campgrounds & Meetings – $25.00 (plus $5.00 S&H)
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A History of Rome and Floyd County (USED) – $25.00 (plus $5.00 S&H)

Battey, George Macruder Jr 1994, Cherokee Publishing Company

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“Brooke, Ted O”,”Cemetery Records of Tucker, Georgia and Environs”,,,25,5,Consignment,,,,,,,

“Hemperly, Marion R complier”,”Cities, Towns and Communities of Georgia Between 1847-1962″,1980,”Southern Historical Press, Inc”,30,1,Donation,,,,,,,

“City Hall Cumming, GA”,”City Hall of Cumming, Georgia Montage Biographical Sketches & Histories”,2003,Self Published,,1,,,,,,,,

“Poss, Faye Stone and Brooke, Ted O”,”Clarke County, Georgia Marriage Records 1803-1909″,2001,Self Published,40,6,Consignment,,,,,,,

“Brooke, Ted O and Carver, John”,”Coweta County, Georgia Newspaper Marriage & Death Notices 1835 – 1887″,,,40,5,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Shadburn, Don L”,”Crimson and Sabres: A Confederate Record of Forsyth County, Georgia(Used) Vol 4″,1997,”McNaughton & Gunn, Inc”,50,3,Donation,,,,,,,
“Fleming, W.P”,”Crisp County, Georgia Historical Sketches”,1980,The Reprint Company,30,1 (Used),Donation,,,,,,,
“Wade, Forest C”,Cry of the Eagle: History and Legends of the Cherokee Indians,,,35,3,Cost 20,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,Cumming Historic Cemetery,2006,Self Published,6,2,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Barrett, Gladyse Kennemore”,”Daring to die that freedom might live: Honoring Veterans of Cumming/Forsyth County, GA”,1994,Self Published,15,32,Donation,Set 25,,,,,,
“Baker, Carolyn Nuckolls”,Descendants of Minor Winn Brown,,Self Published,25,5,Donation,,,,,,,
“Davidson, Grace Gillam”,Early Years of Georgia Vol1 Wilkes County,1992,”Southern Historical Press, Inc”,35,1,Donation,,,,,,,
“Hemperley, Marion R”,English Crown Grants for St. Phillip Parish Georgia 1755-1775,1972,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,2,,,,,,,,
“Hemperley, Marion R”,English Crown Grants in Christ Church Parish Georgia 1755 – 1775 (Used) ,1973,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,2,,,,,,,,
“Bryant,Pat”,English Crown Grants in Islands in Georgia 1755-1775 (Used),1972,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,1,,,,,,,,
“Bryant,Pat”,”English Crown Grants in St, George Parish Georgia 1755-1775(Used)”,1974,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,2,,,,,,,,
“Bryant,Pat”,English Crown Grants in St. Andrew Parish Georgia 1755-1775 (Used),1972,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,2,,,,,,,,
“Hemperley, Marion R”,”English Crown Grants in St. David, St. Patrick, St. Thomas, St. Mary Parishes Georgia 1755-1775″,1973,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,1 (Used),,,,,,,,
“Hemperley, Marion R”,English Crown Grants in St. John Parish Georga 1755-1775 (Used),1972,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,2,,,,,,,,
“Hemperley, Marion R”,English Crown Grants in St. Matthew Parish Georgia 1755-1775 (Used),1974,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,2,,,,,,,,
“Hemperley, Marion R”,English Crown Grants in St. Paul Parish Georgia 1755-1775 (Used),1974,”State Printing Office, ATL”,,2,,,,,,,,
“Doebring, Irene”,Footsteps: A Walking Tour of Cumming,2004,,20,26,Donation,,,,,,,
,Forsyth County High School Class of 1966 50 year Reunion History of Schools 1950 to 1960,2015,Self Published,5,26,Donation,,,,,,,
“Bramblett, Annett”,Forsyth County History Stories,2002,Arcadia Publishing,25,17,Cost 15,,,,,,,
Forsyth County Heritage Book Comm,”Forsyth County, Georgia Heritage 1832 – 2011″,2011,Walsworth Publishing Company,65,172,,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Forsyth County, Georgia Marriage Records 1833-1933″,,,35,3,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Salter, John”,”Forsyth County, Georgia, Cemeteries”,2011,Gaancestors Press,60,5,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Wigginton, Eliot”,Foxfire 2 (Used),1973,Anchor Books Doubleday,15,1 (Used),Donation,,,,,,,
“Gillespie, Pail F”,Foxfire 7 (Used),1982,Anchor Books Doubleday,15,1 (Used),Donation,,,,,,,
“Wigginton, Eliot”,Foxfire 9 (Used),1986,Anchor Books Doubleday,15,1 (Used),Donation,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Fulton County, Georgia Marriage Records 1854-1902″,2002,Self Published,38,6,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Fulton County, Georgia Marriage Records 1866-1902 “”Colored”” Books A-G”,2003,Self Published,32,6,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,Georgia Stray Wills 1733-1900 (Green),,,35,1,,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,Georgia Stray Wills 1733-1900 (Red),2012,Self Published,35,4,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,Georgia Will Directory 1733-1860,,,35,5,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,Georgia Will Directory 1861 – 1900,,,35,5,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Wright, Edith Sosebee”,Golden Memories: A Collection of Stories and Pictures of Arthur M. Sosebee’s Family,1993,Self Published,,1 (Used),,,,,,,,
“Ledbetter, Dr. Linda”,Growing Up in Ducktown,,Self Published,17.99,1,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Hutchins, Joyce Milford”,”Hightower Baptist Church, Cherokee County, GA An Early History 1834-1950″,2015,Yawn’s Publishing,50,2,Consignment,,,,,,,
Historical Society of Cumming/Forsyth,”Historic Churches of Forsyth County, GA 1998 Calander”,1997,Great Graphics,5,74,,,,,,,,
“Pruitt, Don”,Historic Cumming School Print,2013,,15,37,Donation,,,,,,,
“Bagley, Garland C”,”History of Forsyth County, Georgia 1832 – 1932 VOL 1″,1985,Boyd Publishing Company,50,7,Cost 20,,,,,,,
“Cain, Andrew W”,History of Lumpkin County: First Hundred Years 1832 -1932 (Used),1979,The Reprint Company,35,1,Donation,,,,,,,
“Bramblett, Annett”,Images of America: Forsyth County Twentieth-Century Changes,2000,Arcadia Publishing,22,24,,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O and Geiger, Linda”,Index to Georgia’s Confederate Pension Supplements,1999,Self Published,30,5,,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Into the Gray Vale: Register of the Georgia Confederate Soldiers’ Home Atl, GA1901-1941″,2012,Self Published,35,5,,,,,,,,
“Cissell, Mary Helen”,”Living, Laughing, Loving in Old Lathemtown: A Collection of Oral Histories”,2008,Orange United Methodist Women’s Project,20,1 (Used),,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O and Carver, John”,”Lumpkin County, Georgia Cemeteries”,2005,Self Published,35,4,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Madison County, Georgia Marriage Records 1812-1909″,2001,Self Published,30,7,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Rocker, William R”,Marriages and Obituaries From the Macon Messenger (Used),1988,”Southern Historical Press, Inc”,35,1,Donation,,,,,,,
“Houston, Martha Lou”,”Marriages of Hancock County, Georgia 1806-1850 (Has Land Lottery List)”,1977,Genealogical Publishing,20,1 (Used),Donation,,,,,,,
“Tallant, Winnie”,”Migration of Holbrooks from England to America and Forsyth County, Georgia”,,Self Published,30,4,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Milton County, Georgia Marriage Records 1865-1931″,2001,Self Published,28,6,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O and Geiger, Linda”,”Pickens County, Georgia Cemeteries”,2009,Woodward-Geiger.com,35,3,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Barrett, Gladyse Kennemore”,Stroll Around the Square in Cumming,1989,Self Published,15,66,,Set 25,,,,,,
“Bramblett, Annett”,”The First Era of Change and Development Forsyth County, Georgia 1935 – 1975″,2007,Walsworth Publishing Company,35,8,,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Towns County, Georgia Cemeteries”,1996,Wolfe Publishing,35,7,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Shadburn, Don L”,Upon Our Ruins; A Study in Cherokee History and Genealogy,2011,The Cottonpatch Press,50,5,Donation,,,,,,,
“Wgnon, A. Lloyd”,Vapor Trails: The Adventures of A. Lloyd Wagnon,2015,Atlanta Book Printing,25,1,Consignment,,,,,,,
“Wallace, Ruth Hawkins”,Where No Wood Is Fiction Book,1989,Tri-State Press,30,1,Donation,,,,,,,
“Brooke, Ted O”,”Wilkes County, Georgia Will Index 1777-1921″,1997,BriarPatch Press,8,5,Consignment,,,,,,,
,11 x 14 Historic Maps,,,15,3,Cost 10,,,,,,,
,Buffy Bears,,,20,19,Donation,,,,,,,