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Poor Children's List 1848 | Historical Society of Forsyth County

Poor Children's List 1848
February 1 2010
Forsyth County, GA
District 841
Christiania Overby
Betsy Nunn
Elizabeth White
Clarinda Adkins
Riley Williams
Wm. Jones
Joseph Owen
Viney Hubbard
James N. King, J.P
James J. Perce, J.P
District 885
George Martin
Margaret Martin
Thomas Wilson
W. Youngblood
W.H. Lamb
Henry Philips
Nancy Philips
Sarah Tidwell
Mary Thomas
John B. Chambers
Martha Bryant
Albert Nelson
Eltecky Fowler
Mathew Fowler
Martha Fowler
Charles Ferrell
John T. Jordan
Mrs. Queen
Wm. Guesly
I.F. Foster
John McCrary
Samuel Sloan
Stephen Smith
Moses Brooks
Feb. 5, 1848
R.A. King, J.P.
Obadiah Gravit, J.P.
District 880
Vickery District
Thomas M. Chapman
Nancy A. Chapman
Elizabeth Chapman
Holland Gentry
Matilda E. Gentry
Nancy McPherson
Adaline McPherson
Amon Wheeler
James Wheeler
Martha Wheeler
Janey Wheeler
John Wheeler
Nathan Bentley
Eliza Bentley
Sarah Bentley
Samuel Bentley
John G. Bentley
William B. Hammonds
Elizabeth Hammons
Elizabeth Davis
Elijah L. Davis
Henry Davis
Mary A. Puckett
Susannah Bagley
Timothy Castleberry
Aminda Castleberry
Isaac Castleberry
Marshall Haygood
James Taylor
Martha Taylor
Mary Ann Morgan
Janie Morgan
Alexander Morgan
Sarah Morgan
Beverly Allen, J.P.
David Tallant, J.P.
September, 1848
A.G. Hutchins
Second District 795
Big Creek
Harriet C. Boyle
Sarah Ann Boyle
Mary C. Boyle
Margaret Ellard
William Ellard
Sarah Ellard
Sanford Croy
Andrew Croy
William Huggins
Milla Huggins
Nancy Huggins
John Huggins
Richard Ferdinandes
Wm. Wade
Wm. Thrasher
Jesse D. Key
Lewis Echols
Katharine Cape
Nancy J. Cape
Nepsey An Cape
Eveline Cape
Roda Carr
Sarah Carr
Sarah Carr
Thomas Carr
Moses Carr
Matilda Carr
Nancy Key
Wm. A. Key
John F. Key
Nancy Johnson
Justices of the Peace
Thomas Rogers, J.P.
Jacob Strickland, J.P.
August 20th, 1848
878 District
Daniel Raynolds
Yancey Hall
Micajah Hall
Alexander Milton
Wm. C. Milton
Esther Milton
Eliza Fendley
Helen Hill
Randall Hill
Sarah E. Hill
William Leads
Margaret Whitmire
Justin Cole
Nancy Hamby
Martha Hamby
Banks Wright
Marion Lathy
Harriet Lathy
Robert Carnes
Sarah Carnes
Sarah Ann Waters
Wm. Waters
Elizabeth Whitmire
Elias Whitmire
Christopher Whitmire
Boon Whitmire
Louisa Godfry
Elizabeth Godfry
Julian Jones
Benj. G Jones
Lucy J. Jones
Adaline Gravit
Caroline Gravit
Lucinda Gravit
Nancy Jane Gravit
James Smallwood
Jesse Smallwood
Sarah Lindsay
Elijah Lindsay
Jane Buckhannan
Jackson Buckhannan
Arminda Roach
Marion Roach
David Taylor
Thomas Taylor
Nancy Bradford
Jane Bradford
Elizey D. Mitchell
Martha Mitchell
Newnan Mitchell
Monroe Banister
Caroline Banister
J. Herndon
Burton Herdon
T Martin
E. D. Martin
September 1848
Jesse Compton, J.P.
B.F. Julian, J.P.
District 835
John Wallis
Alex Redmon
Mark Wheeler
Rebecca Evans
Abel Roberts
John Jinkins
Claiborn Harris
J.G. M. Dyke
A. Echols
Mrs. Mitchell
Mrs. Rakestraw
Ths. Hendrix
James Wright
John Wilkie
T.E. Monroe
James Harrison
Mrs. Moore
Miss Lazinberry
Wm. Smith
Wm. Boyd
Baylis Hawkins
Shad Green
Jacob Hays
C. Baker
Jas. Beaty
R. Eaton
B. Green
Mr. Shed
Mrs. Henderson
Mr. Pierce
G. Cheek
G.L. Box
Jno. Southered
Mrs. Starnes
Wm. Phillips, J.P.
John Montgomery, J.P.
Town District
First District
Widow Sprien
T. C. Samples
Mathew Samples
James N. David
W.W. Vaughan
Wm. Shaw
Betsey Sexton
Sam S. Howard
Widow Jeffers
Jamie Welborn
H.J. Caldwell
Mary A. Foster
John Jolly
Solomon Otwell
James Karr
Tho. McDonald
Miles Estes
Widow Holland
Lane Brooks
Henry Sharp
Rebecca Cox
Wilson McHugh
Widow Nelson
Bryant Orphans
Mrs. Ellis
Patsy Wilson
Baylis Green
Nelly Pugh
Wm. Humphrey
Elisha Herring
D. Humphrey
W.R. Brown
Jesse Boyd
James Major
D. Pruitt
Wm. Goss
J. Brumbelo
John Gaines
Mrs. Russell
Wm. Johnson
John Miller, Sr.
Wm. Hanuck
Shadrach Green
James Comes
Andrew Garmon
Jno. B. Dudley
Wd. Calahan
Valentine Brumbelo
W.W. Goss
Jas Miller
Wiley Stone
Catharine Loftiss
Seth Terry Stepson
Andrew Henderson
John Austin
Josh Campbell
Danl Green
W. Banks
Lewis Bridges
Wid. Pierce
Willis Carpenter
John Dial Jr.
James Stewart
Josh L. Howard
Joseph McDonald
Cornelius Cauley, J.P.
Barnabas B. Johnson, J.P.
Phys. Desc:
4 page document typed document/ many corrections done in ink to typos, wrong names, etc.
In the book, "History of Forsyth County" by Garland Bagley,

The poor children's lists have three different versions
1. A handwritten copy.
2. A typewritten copy of the handwritten copy.
3. The list found in the book, " History of Forsyth County."

This record constitutes all three of these versions.

Differences between each version of the 1848 list:
In the book, " History of Forsyth County " by Garland Bagley, W.W. Vaughan does not appear.
The name Sarah Carr also appears twice in this list, in that book.
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