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  • Septemebr Meeting
  • Tuesday, Oct. 7
    7:00 p.m., Cumming Fairgrounds
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  • September Updates
   Volunteers  Needed:
  • Renovation of the Sherrill House
  • Diana's Chapel Cemetery Project

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Come Visit With Us

The Headquarters of the Historical Society of Forsyth County is housed in the Cumming Public School. We are open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mondays thru Thursdays and closed for observed holidays.
Physical Address: 101 School St., Cumming, GA 30040.

Upcoming Events

October Meeting

Admission $7. - $3. parking. Our meeting will still be on the first Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. - October 7. The meeting will be tours and discussion about Vann's Tavern, The Harris Cabin, The steam engines, saw mill, etc. located at the fairgrounds. Meet in the area of The Harris Cabin in the Indian Village at 7:00 p.m. Unfortunately, we do not have any special admission prices for The Cumming Country Fair & Festival so you may want to come early or stay late and take full advantage of your entrance and parking charges.

Heritage Book of Forsyth County 1832-2011

The long-awaited reprint is now available!
For a limited time only the book is available for a price of $65 per book or $120 for two books. Please call for shipping charges.

See other gift ideas on this page and our Publications for Purchase page.

Fundraiser for Frogtown-Hightower Community Preservation Project.

The Historical Society of Forsyth County is continuing its fundraising efforts for the Frogtown-Hightower Community Preservation Project. In the 1830's, Joshua Buffington was a tavernkeeper on the Old Federal Road. He was the son of Thomas Buffington and Mary Ann "Polly" Daniel. In honor and memory of Joshua Buffington, the historical society will be selling Buffy Bear for only $19.99. This cute, curly bear will make a great gift for children and adults. Please support our efforts to preserve the Sherrill House on the Old Federal Road and to purchase historical signs for the Frogtown-Hightower Community. Support preservation of local historical sites by buying Buffy Bear today. For more information, call 678-455-7260 or email

Forsyth County, Georgia, Cemeteries Book

John Salter, historian and genealogist, recently published his latest book entitled Forsyth County, Georgia, Cemeteries. This book contains more than 23,000 inscription from more than 90 cemeteries in Forsyth County, Georgia. It contains 663 pages including 114 pages of "everyname" index. The price of the book which includes packaging, shipping and taxes are Standard - $60.00 and  Libraries & non-profit organizations - $50.00. Books are available for purchase at the Historical Society's Headquarters. For more information, visit

Don Shadburn's Newly Released Book
Upon Our Ruins: A Study in Cherokee History and Genealogy

Don Shadburn's Upon Our Ruins is available for purchase at the Historical Society's Headquarters. To learn more about other publications by Don Shadburn, visit his homepage at

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